Gimme Ten: Emily Wadsworth

Everyone needs a bit of fun in their life, especially during times like these. With that in mind, we caught up with NXTG Racing's Emily Wadsworth to find out more about life in lockdown, and what she's been up to over the last few months. We asked her ten silly questions...

Credits: Daniël Velsen

1. What three words summarise your experiences over the last few months?

Puppies, yoga and unproductive

2. Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I have no idea about film stars - I’m rubbish at that sort of thing. I know that I would like young Leonardo DiCaprio to play my husband though ahah.

3. What is the last book you read/movie you watched?

Again, I’ve been rubbish with reading and watching films. I rather watch series, and at the moment I’m really into the Last Dance on Netflix.

4. Have you developed any strange habits during lockdown?

Not that I know of. One thing I have made a habit of is doing more yoga, but nothing ‘strange’ that I know of.

5. Where is your favourite place in the world?

Lockdown has made me realise I’m happiest at home with my friends and family. The coolest place I’ve visited is Cairns, Australia for Worlds as a Junior, and I would love to travel that part of the world more some day.

6. How many languages can you speak?

Only English. I did French at school and even won an award for it in year 11 - but in all honestly, I think it was a sympathy award.

7. What are your goals for the next six months?

It’s tricky to say at the moment as nothing is certain. I hope to race events that I can gain experience from and help develop me as a rider for next year.

8. What are you looking forward to doing less of?

Cleaning up after my siblings.

9. What are you looking forward to doing more of?

Socialising with people as normal - enjoying coffee at cafes and just being with my friends, family and my team mates without ‘socially distancing’.

10. If you were a bike, what bike would you be?

Pinarello Dogma of course.

Thank you, Emily, for making us chuckle. Looking forward to seeing that Pinarello Dogma back out on the road!

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