PRO SERIES (off-season) : A little update

Hello! It’s been a while. Welcome back to my blog! A few things have changed since my last race of the season (not many, but a few) and I felt it would only be right to give you guys a little update.

The season ended a few months ago (you can read all about it in my end of season recap) and what followed that was a month with no bike. I’m trying to put my finger on what I actually did for the first 3 weeks of my break but I can’t remember. I didn’t go on holiday – instead I chose to stay at home with my family. The reason being, I do a lot of travelling throughout the year to race anyway so staying at home is sometimes nice in itself… the other reason being that I didn’t really have the funds to do so… Haha.

The 4th week, however, I do remember my whereabouts. I worked in Yorkshire at the World Championships in the VIP tent. I had an incredible time… I met some awesome people while spending my week working in a dry, warm VIP tent looking out onto some abysmal weather. So that was fun.

Once home it was pretty much back to work straight away. I was on the turbo the day after suffering through some 20/40s… if you haven’t heard of this training session you basically go all out for 20 seconds then try and recover for 40 seconds before doing it again and again and again… This was a grim awakening (perhaps done purposely by my new coach to shock me into what I was about to get in to).

It’s been pretty full on since then. But in all honesty, I’m loving the hard work.

At the moment my training is mainly turbo and gym focused with some road riding to make up the volume. It’s my first season where Cyclo cross hasn’t influenced my winter training, so it’s satisfying to string together some consistent training and really strip it back to basics for a while.

My motivation has never been higher and I am so excited for what’s to come with my new team NXTG Racing. Next season is going to be epic, so I’m going to make sure I’m physically and mentally ready to make it the best one yet.

I know I haven’t blogged for a while but I want to get back into the doing of it… any ideas please let me know! In the meantime, I’ve set up a YouTube channel where I am vlogging my days as a professional cyclist, so please subscribe if you want to see the face behind these words.

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