ATTAQUER -Summer Mitts in Black


Handcrafted in Italy, these short fingered cycling gloves provide comfort and protection. A lightweight black upper with towelling to wipe away sweat and grime, and features Attaquer's instantly recognisable 'F@ck Yeah'. A slide-on-slide-off design removes the risk of catching on other garments and provides a comfortable, low profile fit.  A grippy leather palm provides protection from crashes and an extra layer of comfort for epic days in the saddle.


    • Wrap the tape measure around your hand at the widest part of the palm and make a fist before taking the measurement. This is your hand width measurement.
    • Measure from the tip of your longest finger to the base of your palm at the wrist to determine the length of your hand. This is your hand length measurement.



      XXS XS  S   M   L  
    Hand width <17 17-19 19-21 21-23 23-25
    Hand length <17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21


    Please refer to our Sizing page for further assistance.


    • Breathable and windproof
    • Sun protection up to SPF50
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