At Velominata we take our sustainability responsibilities seriously and are passionate about doing the right thing.  Responsible sourcing is something that runs throughout our business; we want do our bit to take care of people and the planet for the next generation.  That’s why all the tissue paper we use to lovingly wrap your items is made from 100% recycled paper and is printed using soy ink.  Why use tissue paper at all?  Well, we think you deserve to receive a parcel that’s a little bit special and the paper adds an extra layer of biodegradable protection to your item. Similarly, for our boxes we err on the side of simplicity to reduce the environmental impact.  All our boxes use 100% recycled cardboard and plant-based inks.  We mentioned “100%” a few times there! But we think it’s important you have the data, as well as our promise to continue striving for 100% sustainability in each area of our business.

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